LSA is situated at Joya Road, Amroha. It is accessible to the students living in various cities.

Infrastructure and facility –

  • Unique open school design.
  • Well equipped, IT enabled, Physics, Biology and Chemistry laboratories.
  • Multipurpose Auditorium.
  • Special activity rooms for Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Yoga and Karate.
  • Purpose – built kids zone for pre – primary and primary.
  • 100% English speaking environment.
  • Sporting facilities.
  • Purpose – built courts and fields for various sport activities.
  • CCTV equipped school campus.
  • Energy conservation initiatives like LED lightning, solar panels, water conservation efforts, waste – paper management.
  • Audio visual classes.
  • Inner sports arena.
  • Dedicated wings for primary and senior classes.
  • A Philatelic Museum for children.
  • The school campus is under 24 X 7 security with ethical security guards and helping staff.
  • A safe and secure place for everyone.