Annual Report

Every academic year happens to be tidal upheavals. Doubts are the integral parts but we do keep hold the spirit that labour brings victory. I feel privileged presenting school’s annual report from this stage.

Academically LSA has been quite sound thereby proving academic excellence each year. In the last academic year school has achieved 100% result in both senior secondary and secondary stage. In 12th class Moksh Rajput secured 97% marks whereas in class 10th Aradhna Sharma secured 98% marks. 8 students of class 12th who secured above 90% marks are Moksh Rajput, Dev Aryan, Samarth Khurana, Iram Fatima, Akshita Singh, Anubha Panday & Apoorv Litt. In class 10th 25 students who secured above 90% marks are Aradhna Sharma, Anmol Chandra, Keshav Pandit, Abubakr, Tanishq, Akshay Khurana, Adnan Khan, Lalit Kumar, Prerak Yadav, Kajal Chauhan, Abhay Chauhan, Aditya Sirohi, Akshit Yadav, Areeba Arif, Ayush Singh, Jishant Chaudhary, Kanishka Tyagi, Kanika Singh, Kavyanjali, Manik Siddhu, Mohd. Amaan, Sariya Aslam, Sneha Goel, Vikrant Singh & Samarth Tandon.

In order to infuse an overall English environment in the school campus. It is a must for each teacher and student to speak in English only. Moreover the school has introduced English language lab where they get ample chances to overcome from stage Phobia.

Extensive care has been taken to strengthen the English writing skills of the students. This time we have been focussing extensively on kindergarten therefore introduced the concept of Mother teacher and assistant teacher in each section of kindergarten. In order to make our kids dynamic, we have introduced customized audio visual classes focusing over the topics which are directly related to their day to day practical life. Our ultimate academic motto is to enhance the exposure and creativity of our students instead of rote learning. Innumerable class tests have been going on in class 10th and 12th so as to again grab the title of the best academic achiever.

Teams of football and volleyball participated in several competitions and clusters and won several awards over there.

For the better, safe and responsible transportation school has arranged in-house transportation, we have a fleet of 25 buses and separate parking bay assuring hassle free boarding and deboarding of the students.

Control over global warming and saving energy are the most talked about topics of the time. LSA always updates and copes with the time. To save energy solar energy is being used in the school to provide hygienic water for different purposes.

A healthy mind lives in the healthy body. This year school has started a hospital adjacent to school so that all health related issues of the students could be diagnosed and treated timely.

I extend my special thanks to the parents who have been serving as the guidelines for me. I on behalf of school would be urging parents to give constructive feedback for the betterment of the institution. Closing the report I would extend my thanks to one and all present here and whom I forgot to mention. I wish my students a bright future and teachers a very happy learning so that I may enrich my annual report next year.