Kushank Mehndiratta (2012) Indian oil Corp. Ltd.

Being the part of L.S.A, I realized that the teachers play a great role in the formation of the personality. They love, care and sometimes scold, all to make us an amazing human being. I am proud to say that whatever I have achieved in my life, my teachers have played a great role who laid such a robust foundation, made me firm and brought out the best in me.

Zoya Khan (2014) AIIMS

Having a dream and chasing until you ace it demands hard work as well as blessings. The educational and emotional support I received in LSA by the teachers is remarkable. All I had were my teachers who burned the midnight oil for me to answer my every curiosity and blessings along with my strict follow up to each and every guidance provided by them that I got the place in AIMS. I am really thankful and obliged to my school making me who I am today.

Rohit Agrawal (2015) Joined N.D.A

I am proud to say that I am the alumni of such an awesome school.LSA infused discipline and many more values to bring out the best of myself . During my training whenever I got scolded, I remembered the sweet teachers in my school, how patiently and generously they dealt with me. I must say that the school time was memorable and my school is the best.

Arunima (2009) Civil Judge

L.S.A is the place where I learned my values, lessons, new interests and everything that is the part of my personality today. It was my 9th class when through the teaching of Shaaz sir, I discovered my keen interest in History and Civics. He also guided me to follow my passion even after passing 12th from L.S.A. The teachers and the management,all are worth to be followed and honoured who are the part of making L.S.A the safest and the loving place for all the students.

Aakanksha (2013) HR in Swiss company

Good to find space for me,miss all my friends and teachers.Today I have money and all the materialistic things that I wished for but no carefree,loving and enjoyable life like I had in school.My coffee reminded me of the school days and so even while working, I opened the site and was forced by my memories to write this thankful note for school.

Shivani Singh (2007)A Grade Gazetted Officer

Feeling the scent of the school. What to write, Long live Little Scholars’ Academy! My first and last school. Miss you all my teachers and mates specially the canteen, my all time favourite hangout place in the school.Whatever I am today ios because of the efforts made by all the teachers who taught me from class Nursery till today. I will never miss the chance to come and meet my teachers and to breathe in the air of my school once more.

Parv Sharma (2010) A lawyer

LSA is where I realised that dreams are achievable. The programmes, teachers and pass at LSA helped me build who I am today and what I do. The faculty built me who I am today and what I do. The faculty and the training I received helped me become and excel as a successful lawyer. LSA instills in each student the ability and drive to keep learning and growing with every opportunity. I am grateful for my experience and education at LSA. It truly has shaped who I am and will continue to shape who I will become.

Abhinav kumar (2009) Btech IIT

LSA gave me a robust foundation that helped me secure a place at IIT. LSA has given me confidence and helped me accomplish so much. Whatever I have achieved, I owe these to the qualities and values I imbided at LSA and to the wonderful teachers who constantly motivated me to give it my best.

Raman kumar (2012) IIM passed out.

LSA not only pushed me intellectually but it also helped me develop into a well rounded individual and realise my potential, My transition to college was so easy because I was already used to the academic rig our and could easily balance academics with so many extra – curricular. I’m thankful to my teachers and school for giving me a wonderful education, for believing in me, for helping me chase my dreams and cherish the reality.

Priyanka Gupta (2008) Professor at NAAC A grade accredited university.

Leadership is learning, learning to adapt, understand, solve, inspire and turn your vision into a reality. What teaching is and how adventurous it can be, this is what I have learned into my school while observing my teachers. Even today, many things taught by my teachers are of a great use in my personal and professional life still missing those school days.

Abhay Thakur (2013) currently pursuing M.BA at IIM

LSA has been an integral part of my life and has created a strong value system within that has helped me counter all personal and professional challenges a cross my underground water personal and graduates school life. It has helped me create a community which came with lasting relationships and friendships. The importance the school gave to the sport was incredible. It helped me to develop a sports manship to deal with all the aspects of life.