Welcome to Little Scholars' Academy, Amroha.

A caring and aspirational learning house, a modern, purpose-built school, meant to provide an attractive and dynamic learning environment for pupils and staff alike.

A quiet, yet amazingly spacious building, its walls and exhibition spaces have works of art in profusion and variety, most of which are produced by pupils. Outside, at front is 4 lane Highway connecting Joya to Amroha, major administrative and top police offices and residence of DM, Judges contribute to make the area amicable and safe, all three sides surrounded by green fields providing an altogether inspiring environment to study and grow up.

The courtyards and playgrounds along with 100 number of rooms are particular assets, providing light, fresh air and space, Contributing to nature and Environment. LSA is a 'NO Plastic & Tobacco Zone' LSA stands with a unique Idea to develop their faculties and other staff with the age of next generation while establishing inhouse Department of Learning & Development, responsible to explore and form all sort of policies and SOP's to make the work effective.

Virtually all members of staff have their own teaching rooms and each of our departments has a teaching suite, a staff common room at each floor in both giant buildings, seamless Wi-Fi connections to the school's computer network and a full range of specialist audio-visual equipment, which is supported by three full-time technicians.

Inside the building you will also find a large library, theatre to seat nearly two hundred as well as a separate drama studio, numerous music practice rooms, a fully-equipped gymnasium in sports complex. LSA is a large school on a large site. Our learners also benefit from large football pitch, tennis courts and running tracks at our school.

A vibrant and challenging curriculum where pupil relationship with staff is recognised as a strength of school. The students are courteous, well-mannered and respectful with integrity.