Today when I remember my words "Pain never goes in vains". It really feels proud that it does happen. Since then Little Scholars Academy has strengthened its reputation in education-community.

In 1990 the foundation of Little Scholars’ Academy was laid with a Nobel purpose of providing value based education in Amroha and its neighboring areas. I still keep my words when I said "Every tree is known by its fruits and the orchard where the tree grows is judged by its quality of fruits". It really feels great that the L.S.A. tree has become now more deep-rooted, lush green and providing sweeter fruits and large shade for more and more people.

I also do believe that improvement is an everlasting process. This is my staunch belief that there is always an urge for the betterment in an institution how so ever established it may be. For this very purpose a more dedicated and updated approach is a must by all care takers related to the institution.

The progress of our academy is indebted to the Principal, Vice Principal, Staff, Students, Parents and well wishers whose untiring efforts and selfless contribution have made this possible. A variety of programmers and academic performance by our Little Scholars on different occasions exhibit their hidden talents, as a part of our ongoing process of all round development of our students.

To you dear parents I owe a deep sense of gratitude for your support and co-operation to me and to this institution as a whole to let it grow towards establishing a better society and making your wards worthy citizens of our country. May your dreams and aspiration come to reality in the years to come in our institute !


Dr.Girish Bansal