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Co curricular Activities

To encourage the all round development of the child, several cultural activities are conducted under the different clubs with the help of professionals. Our music room is furnished with various musical instruments as keyboard, harmonium, tabla, guitar etc.

The students have been participating very frequently in singing, dancing, painting, crafting, debates and quiz competitions in district, state and national levels and in CBSE clusters. Most of the time students have grabbed winner and runner up trophies.

School has distinguished clubs for developing management, co-ordination, team work and competitive sprit among children of all age groups. School is currently running following clubs:


The Cultural Club 'Oorja' prepares students for the most demanding task from the society that is communication and interpersonal skills with organising the event like on-stage quiz competition, group discussions, debates, critical and creative thinking.

Eco green club

'Eco-Green Club' is dedicated for promoting and building a general awareness and sensitizing students regarding their duties towards nature and environment. The club recently promotes a different approach by gifting students a plant rather than a flower bouquet on the birthdays.

Rock the floor club

Life is boring without music and dance, this club is formed to bring out the hidden talent of singing and dancing of students. The club was formed and launched with National Anthem Band of school; it gives students a break from their studies and helps relieve their tension with the help of soulful music.